Promoting responsibility and good sportsmanship in the breeding, training and exhibition of the Dutch Shepherd Dog under the breed standard established by

the United Kennel Club in 1995.

Top Producing Dutch Shepherd Sires 




The Historical Top Producers list was compiled by the United Kennel Club using all data for progeny of these males whelped on or after January 1, 2002, and for that progeny’s titles earned and processed since January 1, 2002. (DSDCA members highlighted.)


1.  ROM-XX CH Cher Car's Mr. Right Now

(Sire: Arko PHI)

DOB July 5, 2010

Owner:  Cheryl Carlson of Cher Car Kennels

Number of Pups:  184

Progeny titles earned: GRCH-4, CH-10, ALCH-1, MCH-1, SCH-3, ANCH-3NNCH-3, EHD-4, AHD-3, NHD-4, EN-4, EV-4, EE-4, EI-4, EC-5, PTE-8, MN-4, MV-5, ME-4, MI-5, MC-6, PTM-8, SN-6, SV-7, SE-8, SI-10, SC-8, PTS-9, AN-10, AV-10, AE-10, AI-12, AC-12, PTA-13, NN-12, NV-13, NE-12, NI-12, NC-13, PTN-13, UWP-2, CAS-1, CAX-4, CA-10, UUD-1, UCDX-1, UCD-5, UAGII-1, UAGI-7, URX2-1, URX-2, UROC-3, URO3-5, URO2-6, URO1-12, UJJ-3, UJJCH-2USF-3, UMJ-3, UMJCH-2, UEFCH-1, UUFCH-5, UUF-5, UUJCH-2, UUJ-1, UNJ-3, UNJCH-1, , GSJCH-5, GUJCH-2, USJCH-7, USJ-6, WSD-1, RATI-4, RATN-4, RATO-3, RATS-2, RATM-1, RATMX-1, RATCH-1, RATCHX-1, RATCHX2-1, RATCHX3-1, RATCHX4-1, RATCHX5-1, RATCHX6-1,RATCHX7-1, RATCHX8-1, RATCHX9-1, RATCHX10-1, RATCHX11-1, RATCHX12-1, CZ8B-1, CZ8S-1, CZ8G-1, CZ8P-1, CZ8PB-1, CZ8P1S-1, CZ8P1G-1, CZ8P2-1, CZ8P2B-1, CZ8P2S-1 CZ8P2G-1, CZ8P3-1, CZ8P3B-1, CZ8P3S-1, CZ8P3G-1, CZ8P4-1 CZ8P4B-1, CZ8P4S-1, CZP4G-1, CZ8P5-1, CZ8P5B-1, CZ8P5S-1, CZ8P5G-1, CZ8P6-1, CZ8P6B-1, CZ8P6S-1, CZ8P6G-1, CZ8P7-1, CZ8P7B-1,  CZ8P7S-1, SPOT-4, SPOT-ON-3,

#Titles Earned:  465 (450 Performance) as of OCT 31, 2021



2. ROM-XX PTN UJJCH UAGII URO3 CH Cher Car's It's My Perogative BTr CSAU CGC

(ROM-XX CH PD1 PA Schefflers C'est Touche' Cher Car BTr CGC x ROM-XX NN URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 Vrijheid's Adrenaline Rush BTr)

DOB April 6, 2007

Owner: Cheryl Carlson of Cher Car Kennels

Number of Pups: 46

Progeny titles earned: UCH 3, GRCH-1. URO1 3,  PTN 6, NC 5, NI 5, NE 4, NV 5, NN 4, NNCH-2, PTA-5, AC 3, AI 3, AE 3, AV 3, AN 3, ACH-2, PTS 5, SI 3, SE 3, SV 3, SC-3, SN 3, SCH-2, PTM 5, MC 3, MI 3, ME 3, MV 3, MN 3, MCH-1, EI-3, EC-3, EE-3, EV-3, EN-3, EHD-1, AHD-1, NHD-1, PTE 5, UNJ 1, USJ 4, USJCH 1, UMJ 1, UUJCH 2, GMJCH-1, UUF-1, CA 3, RATI-1, RATN 1, RATO-1, SPOT-4, SPOT-ON 1

# Titles: 148 (144 Performance) as of OCT 31, 2021


3. ROM-XX CH PD1 P1 PA FO Schefflers C'est Touche' Cher Car BTr CGC

(Arco PSD x ROM-I UAGI FO UCDX Coachoochee Van Neerland SchH A)

DOB April 26, 2005

Owner: Lori Webster of Cher Car Kennels

Number of Pups: 48

Progeny titles earned: CH-8, GRCH-2, UCD 2, UAGI-6, UAGII-2, UACH-1, UACHX-1, URO1-4, URO2-4, URO3-4, UWP-1, PTN-7, PTA-4, PTS-3, PTM-3, PTE-3, NC-5, NI-5, NE-4, NV-4, NN-4, AC-4, AI-4, AE-4, AV-4, AN-4, SC 2, SE-2, SI-2, SV-2, SN-2,ME-1, MI-1, MC-2, EC-2, FO-6, AOB-4, PA-4, OBP1-1, P1-1, UNJ-1, UJJ-4, UJJCH-2, USJ-1, USJCH-1, CA-2

# Titles: 140 (130 Performance) as of OCT 31, 2021


4. ROM-III Alpha Von Titan Ltd

(Van Leeuwen's Bor  x  Alpha Von Zara Ltd)

DOB November 11, 2011

Owner: Cheryl Carlson of Cher Car Kennels

Number of Pups: 243

Progeny titles earned: CH 4, GRCH-2, PTN-4, NC 4, NI-4, NE-3, NV-3, NN-3, PTA-3, AC-3, AI-3, AE-3, AV-2, AN-2, PTS-2, SC-1,  SN-1, SE-2, SV-2, SI-2, PTM-2, MC-1, MN-1, MV-1, ME-1, MI-1, MN-1, PTE-1, EE-1, EI-1, EC-1, EV-1, EN-1, UUF-1, UUJCH-1, GSJCH-1, USJCH-2, UMJ-2, UJJ-1, USJ-2, URO1-2

# Titles:  79 (73 Performance) as of OCT 31, 2021



5. ROM-II Alpha Mighty Thor III

(Sire: Alpha Carlos Van Vos PHI x Blue Iris Van Guard)

DOB February 8, 2014

Owner: Robert Fuller of Alpha K9 Kennels

Number of Pups: 109

Progeny titles earned:  CH-1, GRCH 1, PTN-1, PTA-1, PTS-1, PTM-1, PTE 1, NC-1, NI-1, NE-1, NV-1, NN-1, AC-1, AI-1, AE-1, AV-1, AN-1, SC-1, SI-1, SE-1, SV-1, SN-1, MC-1, MI-1, ME-1, MV-1, MN-1, EC-1, EI-1, EE-1, EV-1, EN-1, USJ-1, USJCH 1, USF 1

# Titles: 35 (33 Performance)



6. ROM-I Hessen Herder Antrax BH PHI MR2
(Harry Ahnentafel IPO3 x Eclips Van Neerland PHI IPO3 MR1)
DOB June 15, 2007
Owner: Jean Lobbinger of Vanhetitterdal Kennels
Number of Pups: 11

Progeny titles earned: CH 2, NHD 1, PTN-2, PTA-2, PTS-1, PTM-1, PTE 1, NC-1, NI-1, NE-1, NV-1, NN-1, AC-1, AI-1, AE-1, AV-1, AN-1, SE 1, SC-1, MC 1, UUJ-1, UUJCH-1, GUJCH 1, CA 1

# Titles: 27 (25 Performance)



7. Von Falconer Moose

(Max Von Falconer x Von Falconers Holland)

DOB December 1, 2003
Owner: Jacquelyn Marshall of Cher Car Kennels
Number of Pups: 47

Progeny titles earned: CH 2, GRCH 2, FO 1, AOB 1, PA 1, OB1 1, P1 1, UJJ 1, UJJCH 1, UMJCH-1, GMJCH-1, USJ 1, UUJCH 1, GUJCH 1, UUF 1, UUFCH 1

# Titles: 18 (14 Performance) as of OCT 31, 2021



8. Van Leeuwen's Bor

DOB April 29, 2009

Owner: Megan or Scott Bays of Kole Mountain Kennels

Number of Pups: 14

Progeny titles earned: CH 2, UCD 1, UAGI 1, URO1 2, URO2 1, URO3 1, UWP 1, PTN 1, PTA 1, NC 1, NI 1, UNJ 1, UJJ 1

# Titles: 15 (13 Performance)



9. UCDX CH Copper Mountain's Ry FR2 MR1 PSA1 NVBK CAT4 CGC

(Knighten Basco PH1 x V Christel's E'nico)

DOB June 7, 2003

Owner:  Joyce Earle McCluskey of Harbor Kennels

Number of Pups:  10

Progeny titles earned: CH 2,UCD-1,UCDX-1,UUD-1,URO1-1, PTN-1, PTA 1, NC-1, NI-1, NE-1, NV-1, NN-1

# Titles: 13 (11 Performance)



9. Fantom Des Fonds De Gueule FR2

(Denvers FR3 x Bagherra Des Fonds De Gueule FR2)

DOB March 3, 2010

Owner: Asheley Michelle Winters of Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds

Number of Pups: 28

Progeny titles earned: CH 3, UCD-1,UCDX 1, UAGI 1, URO1-1, URO2-1, URO3-1, UROC-1, URX-1, USJ-1, UUF-1

# Titles: 13 (10 Performance)



Title Legend



UAGI United Agility I

UAGII United Agility II

UACH United Agility Champion

UACHX United Agility Champion Excellent

UGRACH United Grand Agility Champion


Barn Hunt (UKC Recognized Title)

RATI Rat Instinct

RATN Novice Barn Hunt

RATO Open Barn Hunt

RATS Senior Barn Hunt

RATM Master Barn Hunt

RATCH Barn Hunt Champion

RATCHX - Barn Hunt Champion X

RATCHX2 - Barn Hunt Champion 2X

RATCHX3 - Barn Hunt Champion 3X

RATCHX4 - Barn Hunt Champion 4X

RATCHX5 - Barn Hunt Champion 5X

RATCHX6 - Barn Hunt Champion 6X

RATCHX7 - Barn Hunt Champion 7X

RATCHX8 - Barn Hunt Champion 8X

RATCHX9 - Barn Hunt Champion 9X

RATCHX10 - Barn Hunt Champion 10X

RATCHX11 - Barn Hunt Champion 11X

CZ8B - Crazy 8s Bronze

CZ8S - Crazy 8s Silver

CZ8G - Crazy 8s Gold

CZ8P - Crazy 8s Platinum

CZ8PB - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze

CZ8S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver

CZ8PG - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold

CZ8P2 - Crazy 8s Platinum 2X

CZ8P2B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 2X

CZ8P2S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver 2X

CZ8P2G - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold 2X

CZ8P3 - Crazy 8s Platinum 3X

CZ8P3B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 3X

CZ8P3S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver 3X

CZ8P3G - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold 3X

CZ8P4 - Crazy 8s Platinum 4X

CZ8P4B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 4X

CZ8P4S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver 4X

CZ8P4G - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold 4X

CZ8P5 - Crazy 8s Platinum 5X

CZ8P5B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 5X

CZ8P5S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver 5X

CZ8P5G - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold 5X

CZ8P6 - Crazy 8s Platinum 6X

CZ8P6B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 6X

CZ8P6S - Crazy 8s Platinum Silver 6X

CZ8P6G - Crazy 8s Platinum Gold 6X

CZ8P7 - Crazy 8s Platinum 7X

CZ8P7B - Crazy 8s Platinum Bronze 7X


CH Champion

GRCH Grand Champion


Conformation – Altered

ALCH Altered Champion


Dock Jumping

UNJ United Novice Jumper

UNJCH United Novice Jumper Champion

GNJCH Grand Novice Jumper Champion

UJJ United Jumper Junior

UJJCH United Junior Jumper Champion

GJJCH Grand Junior Jumper Champion

USJ United Senior Jumper

USJCH United Senior Jumper Champion

GSJCH Grand Senior Jumper Champion

UUJ United Ultimate Jumper

UUJCH United Ultimate Jumper Champion

GUJCH Grand Ultimate Jumper Champion

USF United Supreme Fetch-It

USFCH United Supreme Fetch-It Champion

GSFCH Grand Supreme Fetch-It Champion

UUF United Ultimate Fetch-It

UUFCH United Ultimate Fetch-It Champion

GUFCH Grand Ultimate Fetch-It Champion


Dog Sports

(This program is no longer offered.)

FO Family Obedience

AOB Protection Alert Obedience

PA Protection Alert

OB1 Protection 1 Obedience

P1 Protection 1

OB2 Protection 2 Obedience

P2 Protection 2

OBPD1 Police Dog 1 Obedience

PD1 Police Dog 1


Lure Coursing

CA United Coursing Aptitude

CAX United Coursing Aptitude Excellent

CAS United Coursing Supreme



PTN-Pre-trial Novice

NC-Novice Container

NI-Novice Interior

NE-Novice Exterior

NV-Novice Vehicle

NN-Novice Nosework (PTN,NC,NI,NE,NV)

PTA-Pre-trial Advanced

AC-Advanced Container

AI-Advanced Interior

AE-Advanced Exterior

AV-Advanced Vehicle

AN-AdvancedNosework (PTA,AC,AI,AE,AV)

PTS-Pre-trial Superior

SC-Superior Container

SI-Superior Interior

SE-Superior Exterior

SV-Superior Vehicle

SN-Superior Nosework (PTS,SC,SI,SE,SV)

PTM-Pre-trial Master

MC-Master Container

MI-Master Interior

ME-Master Exterior

MV-Master Vehicle

MN-Master Nosework (PTM,MC,MI,ME,MV)

PTE-Pre-trial Elite

EN-Elite Container

EI-Elite Interior

EE-Elite Exterior

EV-Elite Vehicle

EN-Elite Nosework (PTE,EC,EI,EE,EV)

NHD-Novice Handler Discrimination

AHD-Advanced Handler Discrimination

EHD-Excellent Handler Discrimination



UCD United Companion Dog

UCDX United Companion Dog Excellent

UUD United Utility Dog

UUDX United Utility Dog Excellent

UOCH United Obedience Champion

GOCH United Grand Obedience Champion


Rally Obedience

URO1 United Rally Obedience 1

URO2 United Rally Obedience 2

URO3 United Rally Obedience 3

UROC United Rally Obedience Champion

URX United Rally Obedience Excellent

URX2 United Rally Obediene Excellent 2

UROG United Rally Obedience Grand Champion


Terrier Racing

UFA United Flat Racing Aptitude

USA United Steeplechase Racing Aptitude

UFR United Flat Racer

USR United Steeplechase Racer

UFCH United Flat Racer Champion

USCH United Steeplechase Racer Champion


Weight Pull

UWP United Weight Puller

UWPS United Weight Pull Champion Supreme

UWPCHX United Weight Pull Champion Excellent

UGWPCH United Grand Weight Pull Champion


11/09/21- pymt #35 $39,301.26 - $28.11 = $39,273.15
Dutch Shepherd "Touche" (PD1 PA CH Schefflers C’est Touché Cher Car BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Rush" (URO1 UAGI P2 PD1 FO Vrijheid’s Adrenaline Rush BTr - UKC #1 Dutch Shepherd Dam)
Dutch Shepherd “Lothar” (CH Cher Car’s Mr. Right Now - UKC TOP 10 #1 tied Dutch Shepherd 2011)
Dutch Shepherd "Siren" (CA UNJ CH Chercar’s Lights’N Siren v Mosen CSAU BTr CGC -  UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #4 tied, 2011 #1 tied)
Dutch Shepherd "Cayenne" (BIMBS CH Cher Car’s Roja Caliente - 1st Dutch Shepherd awarded BEST in MULTI BREED SHOW)
Dutch Shepherd “Becker” (UJJ UAGII URO3 CH Cher Car’s It’s My Perogative CSAU CGC - UKC #7 Dutch Shepherd Sire, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #5 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “LaBelle” (P1 PA FO GRCH Marshall’s LaBelle of Cher Car CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2007 #1, 2008 #2 tied, 2009 #2, 2010 #1)
Dutch Shepherd “Nada” (UAGI CH Cher Car’s Don’t Be Fooled CSAU BTr CGC - UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2010 #7 tied)
Dutch Shepherd “Snap” (URO3 UCD UAGI UJJ GRCH Cher Car's Snap Decision BH CSAU CGC - UKC #8 tied Dutch Shepherd Dam, UKC TOP 10 Dutch Shepherd 2008 #10, 2010 #4 tied, 2012 #2, 1st Dutch Shepherd titled in 4 UKC venues of conformation, obedience, agility & rally)
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Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia
Used with permission from Dog World Graphics – Kosice, Slovakia